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The existence of God requires proof, I respect this, and there is proof in abundance. There is much philosophical proof and perspective type proof indeed. Many ask for physical proof, and there is much of this as well. But much of it can be argued with the statement that the scientific community and common everyday knowledge has not penetrated this particular point of argument yet. So what is the most impressive proof of all that avoids this fictional escape all together? Really tough to choose because there is so much but what is the proof that is very concrete and cannot be danced around by a person with preconceived disagreement? Proof that also is well understood and obvious that can lead directly to the absolute TRUTH of the matter?

Well a popular idea, evolution, touted as the true explanation for the origins of the diverse biology that lays before us on this planet is held closely to those who deny the existence of God.

The proof I am about to enlighten forth not only proves God but also simultaneously disproves evolution.

Evolution carries many assumptions within it, but these assumptions are the very fragile foundation of what makes it believable, logical, seemingly sensical, and acceptable to the mind of those who hear it's teachings. But if these assumptions are found to be false, like a house of cards the entire theory falls apart.

So what is the definition of evolution summed up? I will give you the summary found on pbs.org.....

"Summary of Darwin's Theory of Evolution

1.A species is a population of organisms that interbreeds and has fertile offspring.

2.Living organisms have descended with modifications from species that lived before them.

3.Natural selection explains how this evolution has happened:
A.More organisms are produced than can survive because of limited resources.

B.Organisms struggle for the necessities of life; there is competition for resources.

C.Individuals within a population vary in their traits; some of these traits are heritable -- passed on to offspring.

D.Some variants are better adapted to survive and reproduce under local conditions than others.

E.Better-adapted individuals (the "fit enough") are more likely to survive and reproduce, thereby passing on copies of their genes to the next generation.

F.Species whose individuals are best adapted survive; others become extinct."

Now there are many assumptions in this summary, but the one I want to focus on is death and how death is required for the theory of evolution to work....

1."lived before them", if they "lived" before them they had to die, and it is assumed that many of the unusual fossils found that do not belong to current living organisms are extremely old precursors to organisms alive today.

2."More organisms are produced than can survive", here death is assumed again, and is required for this concept to exist.

3."Better-adapted individuals (the "fit enough") are more likely to survive and reproduce, thereby passing on copies of their genes to the next generation." To be more likely to survive, the assumption that others are not and are dying is inherit and necessary for this concept to have any real world merit.

Now Evolution has been explained further with much more detail by evolutionary biologists in recent decades. The necessity for death has been supposedly proven further by new theories and concepts that are heralded as absolute truth and further evidence supporting evolution, as well as the explanation to why death exists in the first place and how necessary it really is in the process of evolution forming biological life on Earth.

The reasons for death are as follows....

1. For an organism to survive and evolve, the main and "only" requirements required is for the organism to survive long enough to reproduce effectively. So the reason organisms age and die is because no DNA is written and passed on past the point of them reproducing effectively.

2. Many organisms have very complex cells that over time have a weakness in which they become damaged, cancerous and begin to reproduce malignantly in said organisms causing the destruction of healthy cells, ageing and death is programmed into organisms DNA to avoid this occurrence because it is overall detrimental to a species survival.

3. Death and ageing is programmed into DNA because if organisms remained alive too long and reproduced excessively, the gene-pool would remain stagnant with too much similar DNA, thereby creating a weakness to diseases and other detrimental natural phenomenon to the entire population. The necessary room and opportunity for new superior mutations to occur would not exist and species who have too many long lived organisms reproducing would be evolutionarily stagnant and supposedly "will" and "have" in the past been instantly wiped out and made extinct by having survived too well apparently........

So not only is death required by evolution to function, it is explained in much detail in evolutionary terms by the current scientific community.

I would also like to point out one more assumption within the theory of evolution, and that is that "organisms are increasing in complexity and quality from the distant past to now". This is inherit in the definition as well, very obviously so and also is very apparent in the commonly held to be true tree of life and fossil record diagrams that are quite popular.

Now these assumptions that I have discussed are the very foundation of evolution itself, if you can find proof against them at all, then the theory cannot be true whatsoever. The proof is......

"Biologically Immortal Organisms"

Hydra, mother bacteria, Planarian Flatworms, lobsters, jellyfish "Turritopsis dohrnii ", sanicola, king clone, Kings lomatia,..... etc.... etc...... the list goes on.....

Also there are many suspected organisms such as newts, salamanders, as well as many more plants that need further study, but they also show signs of having this amazing ability that defies evolution entirely!!!

And there is one more amazing fact, many plants that have very limited life spans such as annuals and such, are found to have their life span increased tens to hundreds of times in well controlled artificial environments!!!

So if this huge amount of different organisms can do this at all then evolution is not the real explanation for how life works on planet Earth and why it is so diversified. A purposeful intent of long lasting self sustaining high quality and perfection that cannot be formed randomly or based solely on survival alone is inherit in the design of most if not all organisms on Earth.

There is much more studying that needs to be done and many questions that are raised, but absolutely what this evidence points to is that organisms are not getting more complex and better overall to survive in the same/changing environments here on Earth, but that they are meant to be biologically immortal in specific environments that were designed by an intelligent creator that designed and intended them to remain in said required environments, the diversity in organsisms that is seen occurs within set limits by this designer for identification purposes, creatively intended artistic beauty and to have emergency mechanisms to survive many potentially detrimental environments that the organisms may inadvertently, accidentally and unintentionally run across.

This proof is very damning and difficult to argue out of, the errors and mistakes in the assumptions of evolutionary biologists is extremely obvious. I do research and experiments on biological longevity in plants, animals, humans and many other organisms, I have studied this topic in extreme depth and there is no real argument that goes around these well established facts. If you deny this well laid out evidence then you are only lying to yourself and running away from the TRUTH of Gods existence, plain and simple........
2. Dinosaurs are not birds

Proof that birds aren't dinosaurs read and learn I have fully Debunked the supposed evolutionary transitional fossil the archaeopteryx would you like to hear my research if so okay here it is I believe the archaeopteryx was a bird and not a reptile because I've studied it's anatomy and found it to be more similar to that of a prehistoric running bird the Phorusrhacoidea family such as the terror bird and the Titanis and its skeletal structure is even similar to the even the modern ostrich. You could bring up the argument of saying that it had a skull like a dinosaur and teeth like a dinosaur but after immense study I found this out to be false. Because most predator dinosaur reptiles have individualized teeth In rows from top to bottom unlike.The Archaeopteryx that had teeth that are morphed to its jaw and not individual teeth like most predator therepods. So it's impossible for the evolutionists community to say that birds possibly evolved from Dino's like the velociraptor or the deinonychus raptor because skull characteristics don't match.Also it's impossible to say the archaeopteryx was even a reptile because of its massive eye size. Most birds today and in the past have giant eyes made for scanning out prey from above. The archaeopteryx being a land bird who can't fly had giant feathers on its arms legs and tale because it would climb trees and would glide from tree to tree using its wing possibly to catch small insects and use its small sharp claws to catch larvae out of trees rotten tree trunks and tree cavities .Now you're probably saying well if it's a bird how did it have teeth cause birds don't have teeth.Well technically they do just not most of them prehistoric birds such as the Pelagornithidae and some modern birds such as the domestic goose and the greylag goose have a form of teeth .It's a bony pointy sharp multiple protrusions that come out of their beak this is called pseudo teeth hopefully my research on this subject proves to anyone who sees it that Archaeopteryx is not a transition fossil and evolution does not exist and that creationism is the only true means to explain life on earth.

When you were a kid did you ever know a kid, or maybe "YOU" were "that kid", where you said a lie or said something wrong that was not true, then later you were in a situation where if you told the truth or that you said the wrong thing after the fact, you would get in a lot of trouble and or look like an idiot, so you kept adding more lies on top of more lies to save face and not get in trouble, this is what most Scientists are doing when it comes to Evolution in U.S. and Britain. Imagine all the money they would lose and how bad they would look if they stopped adding lie upon lie in a pile to protect themselves. And stop discrediting the people with evidence against the lie..... You said it yourself, they have to "look" like they are making an honest living to feed their families like you and me.......

Plus,(this will be similar to the child fable "the emperor has no clothes") imagine there is a police station in a small town. They get a report of a bunch of dead people in a house... The sheriff in charge wants to be famous and have a statue of himself in the middle of the town, so he figures if he solves this crime all by himself, he will get his dream of being famous to happen, so he goes into the house first, he looks at all the dead people in the house, and because there are weapons near every body, he assumes and jumps to the conclusion that they all killed themselves in some sort of mass suicide, he also excludes a single killer because killing so many people with weapons would take a lot of skill, and he doesn't believe any one person is that skill full, he goes and tells the rest of his staff and head deputies "I figured it out, this is the story we are going with, go find me all the evidence that proves this so I will be famous and have my statue...", they all go in there, the important second in command deputies first, and then the seargents, etc..... they all find something that proves what the head sheriff said, they bend what they see and take and and explain in line with what the sheriff said even if they find proof against it, because they all know they will get fired if they speak against him. Even when they find impossible wounds that could have never occured from suicide(insect metamorphosis), bullets that don't match the weapons on the inside of the bodies(conflicting radiocarbon dating), and even a confession note from the killer who murdered them all(The Bible)..... They are all too scared to go against the first head Sheriff, and just write things that go along with what he said with a lil truth sprinkled in because they do not want to get fired and lose their jobs......

This is a great analogy on how main stream education is dealing with evolutionary biology.......
4. Atheists and Evolutionists in self denial
I argue with a lot of atheists and evolutionists, I really try to talk to one a day and I usually end up pissing them off. But lately I have been getting them to a stand still where they admit evolution has problems, but then they pull this shit, " Even though evolution isn't real, it does not prove that God is...", What kind of self denial insanity is that?, there aren't very many options, yet they still lie to themselves and cling to their "do whatever I want shit show fantasy", I can't believe it!!! If this does not show evolution is bullshit and that the people in love with this fantasy are huffing paint, I don't know what else I can say? It is just as fucking stupid as when some of them try to say that they can't prove they or I exist or that anything exists...... I don't know what these people are on that say this but they must be really lit, like lit balls!!! But I will bring up these discussions again but let me give you a great list by James Powers on what these turd burglars are really denying..................


30 Reasons why Evolution is impossible

1. Mutations degrade information
& do not produce new purposeful genetic information.

2. Evolution of a new species as a result of new genetic code arising has never
been observed.

3. There is no known proven mechanism that can explain how new purposeful genetic information  could arise, and statistically it is

4. There is no known proven mechanism that can explain all the steps for a living cell to form from nonliving molecules (abiogenesis), and statistically it is impossible.

5. Abiogenesis has never been observed and all experiments to initiate it have failed.

6. The fossil record is a record of extinction of fully formed animals and plants --- not a record of the evolution of life forms.

7. There are no fossils of proven mutant evolutionary intermediate organisms, yet there should be millions and millions of fossils of such mutations. That is, we have no evidence of actual evolution in the fossil record period.

8. Some of the oldest fossil-bearing rocks contain fully developed advanced animals such as trilobites, with no evidence of evolutionary ancestors.

9. Erosion rates for the continents are too fast for the continents and their fossil content to be old enough for supposed evolution to occur.

10. There are not enough ocean sediments or volcanic deposits for the continents to be old enough to allow for supposed evolution.

11. Radiometric dating results give old ages for recent rocks, so we cannot accurately "know" the age of rocks. Also, the finding of carbon-14 in coal and diamonds means that these deposits must be less than 100,000 years old, indicating insufficient time for supposed evolution.

12. The rate of mutation of DNA currently observed suggests that DNA must be less than 100,000 years old, which is not enough time for supposed evolution.

13. Evolution is a mindless unguided process and therefore is incapable of intelligent arrangement.

14. An atmosphere containing free oxygen would be fatal to all origin of life schemes. While oxygen is necessary for life, free oxygen would oxidize and thus destroy all organic molecules required for the origin of life. Thus, in spite of much evidence that the earth has always had a significant quantity of free oxygen in the atmosphere, evolutionists persist in declaring that there was no oxygen in the earth's early atmosphere. However, this would also be fatal to an evolutionary origin of life. If there were no oxygen there would be no protective layer of ozone surrounding the earth.

15. All forms of raw energy are destructive. The energy available on a hypothetical primitive Earth would consist primarily of radiation from the sun, with some energy from electrical discharges (lightning), and minor sources of energy from radioactive decay and heat. The problem for evolution is that the rates of destruction of biological molecules by all sources of raw energy vastly exceed their rates of formation by such energy. The only reason Stanley Miller succeeded in obtaining a small amount of products in his experiment was the fact that he employed a trap to isolate his products from the energy source. Here evolutionists face two problems. First, there could be no trap available on a primitive Earth. Second, a trap by itself would be fatal to any evolutionary scenario, for once the products are isolated in the trap, no further evolutionary progress is possible, because no energy is available.

16. DNA, as is true of messenger-RNA, transfer-RNA, and
ribosomal-RNA, is destroyed by a variety of agents, including ultraviolet light, reactive oxygen species, alkylting agents, and water. A recent article reported that there are 130 known human DNA repair genes and that more will be found. The authors stated that "Genome |DNA| instability caused by the great variety of DNA-damaging agents would be an overwhelming problem for cells and organisms if it were not for DNA repair emphasis mine)." Note that even water is one of the agents that damages DNA! If DNA somehow evolved on the earth it would be dissolved in water. Thus water and many chemical agents dissolved in it, along with ultraviolet light would destroy DNA much faster than it could be produced by the wildest imaginary process. If it were not for DNA repair genes, DNA could not survive even in the protective environment of a cell! How then could DNA survive when subjected to brutal attack by all the chemical and other DNA-damaging agents that would exist on the hypothetical primitive Earth of the evolutionists?

What are the cellular agents that are necessary for DNA repair and
survival? DNA genes! Thus, DNA is necessary for the survival of DNA! But it would have been impossible for DNA repair genes to evolve before ordinary DNA evolved and it would have been impossible for ordinary DNA to evolve before DNA repair genes had evolved. Here we see another impossible barrier for evolution.

17. The "Living Fossil" Fish Proves Evolution is Wrong The Coelacanth fish was touted to be a transitional form with half-formed legs and primitive lungs, ready to transition onto land. This myth was exploded in December, 1938 when a live Coelacanth was caught in a fisherman's net off the eastern coast of South Africa. It is now known that the natives of the Comoro Islands had been catching and eating the fish for years. It did not have half-formed legs or primitive lungs. It was simply a regular fish that people thought was extinct. Evolutionist claimed the 350 million-year-old Coelacanth evolved into animals with legs, feet, and lungs. This not the case. We now see that the fish recently caught is exactly like the 350 million-year-old fossil. It did not evolve at all.

The Coelacanth is a star witness against the false theory of evolution. After 350 million years, the fish still doesn't have a leg to stand on.

18. Single Cell Complexity Proves Evolution is Wrong.

Scientists a century ago believed the smallest single living cell was a simple life form. The theory developed that perhaps lightning struck a pond of water, causing several molecules to combine in a random way, which by chance resulted in a living cell. The cell then divided and evolved into higher life forms.

This view is now proven to be immature to the degree of being ridiculous. The most modern laboratory is unable to create a living cell. In fact, scientists have been unable to create a single left-hand protein molecule ON PURPOSE as found in all animals, yet evolutionists believe this protein was created by accident.

The Theory of Evolution claims that organic life was created from inorganic matter. That is impossible. The top scientists in the world with unlimited laboratory resources cannot change inorganic matter into a single organic living cell.

The smallest living cell has the complexity of a Boeing 747 jumbo jet airplane. The components of the smallest living cell have the obvious arrangement showing intelligent design, just as the Boeing 747 did not appear from random parts stacked near each other in a junk yard. The minimal cell contains more than 60,000 proteins of 100 different configurations.

The smallest single-cell creature has millions of atoms forming millions of molecules that must each be arranged in an exact pattern to provide the required functions.

The cell has an energy-producing system, a protective housing, a security system to let molecules into and out of the housing, a reproductive system, and a central control system. This complexity required an intelligent design. It is much too complex to happen by chance.

19. Intelligent Design can be Seen in the Smallest Bacteria and the Largest Galaxy

The scientific study of complex biological structures has made enormous strides in revealing Intelligent design in nature.

One example is the motor and propeller propulsion system, called a bacterial flagellum, found in many bacteria, including the common E. coli. The propulsion system of the bacteria has 40 moving parts made from protein molecules, including a motor, rotor, stator, drive shaft, bushings, universal joint, and flexible propeller.

The motor is powered by ions and can rotate at up to 100,000 rpm. It can reverse direction in only 1/4 of a revolution and has an automatic feedback control mechanism.

The size is 1/100,000 of an inch (1/4,000 mm) in width, much too small to see with the human eye. One cannot deny the obvious conclusion that this system has an Intelligent Designer and not by the mindless unguided process of evolution.

20. Scientific Fact: Chaos From Organization Proves Evolution is Wrong:

The second law of thermodynamics proves that organization in both open & closed systems, cannot flow from chaos. Complex live organisms cannot rearrange themselves into an organism of a higher form as claimed by evolutionists. This is scientifically backwards according to the second law of thermodynamics, which has never been proven wrong.

The universe is slowing down to a lower state, not higher. The genes of plants, insects, animals, and humans are continually becoming defective, not improving. Species are becoming extinct, not evolving. Order will always move naturally towards disorder or chaos.

21. Scientific Fact: Chromosome Count Proves Evolution is Wrong:

There is no scientific evidence that a species can change the number of chromosomes within the DNA. The chromosome count within each species is fixed. This is the reason a male from one species cannot mate successfully with a female of another species. Man could not evolve from a monkey.

Each species is locked into its chromosome count that cannot be changed. If an animal developed an extra chromosome or lost a chromosome because of some deformity, it could not successfully mate. The defect could not be passed along to the next generation.

Evolving a new species is scientifically impossible.

22. Scientific Fact: Origin of Matter and Stars Proves Evolution is Wrong:

Evolutionists just throw up their hands at the question of the origin of matter because they know something cannot evolve from nothing. They stick their heads in the sand and ignore the problem.

The fact that matter exists in outrageously large quantities simply proves evolution is wrong. The "Big Bang Theory" doesn't solve the problem either. Matter and energy have to come from somewhere.

23. Evolutionists claim that high-complexity organisms arose spontaneously from a primordial soup of low-complexity chemicals that randomly came together in the beginning of what we now define as “life” BUT this breaks the second law, as order can only go to more disorder. No scientist or group of scientists has ever replicated the primordial beginning of life from pure chemistry to biology ON PURPOSE, yet they claim it happened by accident without an intelligent source, which is impossible.

24. There is no way to get life from non-life. Something from nothing is mathematically, scientifically, and logically impossible and we're not talking just "something from nothing," but "a high-complexity/high function cell from nothing" by accident, which is impossible.

25. The impossibility of spontaneous generation is one of the first fundamental tenets of science that a child learns, and yet it is a basic tenet of the evolutionary scientist whether he cares to admit it or not.

26. Evolutionists believe that life came into being in a sterile environment. The intense heat of the primordial world would have killed any potential life form. (This is a testable hypothesis today.)

27. It's impossible that the non-physical mind, the non-physical “laws” of logic, non-physical reason and the immateriality of morality all were the products of evolution which acted on INFORMATION to make everything work.

We need to keep reminding evolutionists that they have not explained or demonstrated through empirical evidence how even the most simple organism got its start in a hostile chemical soup billions of years ago let alone evolve into what we are today.

28. It's impossible that information arose spontaneously.

29. How did information organize itself to bring about our designed world? The computer analogy: The components of a computer did not arise randomly.Computers didn’t just put themselves together.The non-material information needed to run a computer was designed. Without the program, a computer is worthless.There is no program without a programmer. It's impossible that information came from mindless unguided processes.

30. To begin with chemicals and end with humans (let alone everything in between) requires changes that increase the genetic information up the evolutionary ladder. This would be like claiming 2 plus 2 equals 5000, which is impossible.

SUMMARY: Evolution is a purposeless mindless unguided process that has no "purpose" to do anything, no "mind" to arrange anything and no "guidance" to accomplish anything. Evolution fails on all counts even if it did exist; it doesn't.


"The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all
fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving
control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a
misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal,
pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent

The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character

(He is the ultimate best nicest conscious being of all time...!!!)

in all fiction: jealous and proud of it;

(Jealous out of love for his people and he is proud of it!)

a petty,

(If he seems petty, this is out of context because it is not taking into account how evil that person just was before he went off....)


(He is the most JUST being of all the universe and beyond, he is completely fair and righteous, the ultimate protector warrior hero champion of all time forever!!!)


(He is the most forgiving of all, he forgave Paul for murdering Christians, how much more forgiveness does he need to have? Seriously?)


(He gave us free will, so that is a complete contradiction! He could have controlled us this whole time.....)

a vindictive,

(He is so just and fair and protecting of the innocent that he "seems" vindictive possibly, but is in fact being fair about who he punishes at all times!)

bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser;

(If an entire race commits evil and they pass some kind of "evil" DNA to their children somehow, because apparently he would be the only being to know about that because he created DNA and people, then he is in fact not a racist killer, but a rightous protector and executioner of evil!!!)


(God created women and loves women, he is not misogynistic at all, and any laws that seem like they are involve the harshness of the environment and the evil of the society God is trying to help in and of itself, if you study the Bible you would know this.....)


(God is not homophobic, but him and Moses created a very harsh law involving homosexual men only to help the society be fruitful and multiply and protect it from certain diseases, if you read and study this more with historical background information you can find this out for yourself but I will not dwell on it more because we could literally talk all day about it and it is gross...)


(He created all races and as I said above, EVIL DNA, he is not racist at all! He is fair and just!)


(He is not infanticidal, EVIL DNA, read above!)


(He is not genocidal, EVIL DNA, read above!)


(He is not filicidal, he is just and does not give family favoritism unjustly, if Dawkins had a daughter and she ended up being as bad as hitler, is he saying he would not kill her? PLEASE!!!!!)


(He only does this as a punishment and he is JUST and RIGHTOUS in doing so!!!)


(The irony of this is that he really does have the right to be this way because he is absolute POWER and GRANDEUR!!! here is the definition

"A megalomaniac is a pathological egotist, that is, someone with a psychological disorder with symptoms like delusions of grandeur and an obsession with power. We also use the word megalomaniac more informally for people who behave as if they're convinced of their absolute power and greatness."

But he has been powerful like this forever and is of firm and stable mind i assure you....)


(There is nothing in the Bible stating that he gets sexual pleasure from hurting or killing people so this is wrong, he is NOT sadomasochistic!!!)

capriciously malevolent

(This means that he suddenly with no reason wishes and does evil on people, this is not so and is an out of context lie!!!)


(As i said above he does not do violence or punishment against people without just cause, in some cases the Bible does not go into full details on crimes a person or group of people committed, SO he is not a Bully, if he was a bully don't you think we would be hearing about that right now?, he lets so many people say bad things about him and is so forgiving, how can this make sense?

Dawkins simply does not understand or has really studied the bible and he both lies about God and takes his actions out of context. PERIOD!!!)


"But your particular god condones slavery so of course your god doesn't exist."

(If you really studied the Bible and knew what you were talking about.... A. You would know that much of the time when the word "slavery" is used in the Bible it actually means "servant". B. That time period was "WORST" than the wild west, people gave themselves into slavery just to SURVIVE!!! They would actually "sell" themselves into slavery and give the money to their families. Sometimes the choice was to starve and die or be a slave to someone who had access to resources.... C. When God and Moses set up rules involving slavery they also set up a rule called "The year of Jubilees" about every 50 years all slaves would go free on this special holiday and all "DEBTS were ERASED"(do we even do anything like that now?) so depending on when you sold yourself as a slave you were not stuck being one permanently, but they also set up a rule where if someone wanted to be a permanent slave "forever", they could "CHOOSE" to put a special earring in their ear and stay with their master, because slaves... oh wait I mean SERVANTS "could" be treated better than family like a fancy butler that you pay very well..... D. Why don't you just take a good long look into the philosophy of the harsh reality that even if you get paid for a job or own a business, and have the choice to go here or there to this country or that, you kind of "almost" are always somebodies "SLAVE", just because you get paid some amount of money and get to pick who is your master, you still work when you would rather be doing something else quite frequently don't you? Doing what somebody else wants you to do that you would not be doing if you had your own personal choice in the matter, RIGHT? Whether it be a boss, business owner, government, etc......... You might even be a slave to a family member, a spouse, your own vices, material wealth etc.... Is there not "almost" always someone you are beholden to? In the grown up world you should really learn more about what you are trying to talk about and criticize before you open your mouth.........)
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OK HERE YOU GO.........

*** These are pretty GREAT arguments I found other Christians using as evidence for the existence of the God of the Bible, can you ignore these?


The biologically immortal organisms that lack senescence are already extremely great proof for God and his design but if you want more.....

The 3 main forms of evidence that would be acceptable and legitimate in a court of law for the
existence of God would be.....

"Life after Death experience studies where people witness a creator God-

"   http://iands.org/resources/education/recommended-reading.html "

"   http://time.com/68381/life-beyond-death-the-science-of-the-afterlife-2/ ", .......... =  "Both sides of the argument!"

Multiple Studies on the effectiveness of prayer from multiple religions involving a creator God
like in the book "The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden" "
+matrix+gregg+braden&sprefix=divine+matrix%2Cstripbooks%2C195&crid=3BXKVNJABO9OK " along with
other such studies proving a positive co-relation, ...... Positive co-relation to prayer in a
peer reviewed study..........

http://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamainternalmedicine/fullarticle/485161        ............

and scientific facts mentioned in the Bible before their human discovery by a divine influence,

http://www.eternal-productions.org/101science.html                .......

For example…..

1. The singing stars. Job 38:7 declares the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy. It sounds like a bit of Bible poetry but not much more. After all, stars shine, not sing, right? Well, it turns out scientists have been able to convert patterns from start light into audio wavelengths, according to Discovery News. The “amount of hiss” in the audio reportedly allows scientists to measure the surface gravity on a star and gauge where it is in its stellar evolution.

2. Weight of the winds. In Job 28:25, we are told that God weighed out the wind. This one may be no more self-evident to us than it was to an ancient Israelite reader of this text. But, we know from modern science that air, since it does have mass, weighs something. You might be surprised to know how much though: an estimated one ton of air is weighing down on shoulders, according to this science site (which explains that we don’t feel it because the air is exerting its force in all directions). This is pretty basic stuff for modern scientists, but it’s quite a credit to the inerrancy of Scripture that the author of Job got it right so long ago (approximately in the second millennium BC).

3. A massive fountain of water deep beneath the Earth!!! Genesis 7:11 "In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened."



"Scientists dig the world’s deepest hole - and find ‘water from NOAH’S FLOOD’ at the bottom The revelation also reportedly "disproves the myth" that the earth is made up of dry rocky layers"

All these would stand the scrutiny of a judge and jury for the case of a creator Gods existence
and the legitimacy of the Christian Faith!!!
But I am feeling generous so I will give you two more great forms of evidence, how about this
book where a forensic officer who is atheist studies and researches the Bible to see if it proves
a historical Jesus and if he was murdered wrongfully?
Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels
afterward he became Christian!!!

Also, why don't you just pray to God yourself and ask him if he is real? What more can I say??? Then you would have
personal evidence and proof of Gods interaction yourself.....

I mean, there is actually way way way more evidence for God than this but it either would go over
your head or you would not understand it properly and you would question it, but this is really
solid evidence and proof I have given you up above that would hold up in a court of law........... if you decide to RUN from it, at
least admit to yourself that is what you are doing........

Do you believe your life, body, family and the ground you walk on are all a gift or something else? If you believe they are all something else then what do you think they all are then?***